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Long Island, NY

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For many years Hooters has been known for one thing……Hooters. They also happen to serve wings….and surprisingly,  quite a few flavors.  Putting all the reputations aside, we at BWLI decided to wipe the slate clean and go in with a fresh perspective leaving any preconceived notions behind. WingFans, this is the controversial and honest review you've been waiting for. Now let's eat!

After checking the place out for a few minutes, to make sure we were in the right joint of course, we settled in on our three flavors. Chipotle Honey, Garlic Parm and Medium Buffalo. We ordered the Buffalo Wings "naked," no, this was not inspired by the wait staff. It means that they are served without breading. The others we just left the way Hooters usually prepares them, breaded. Within minutes , an interesting looking plate of Buffalo Wings arrived at our table.  At first bite, there was a really nice zing to the flavor with a buttery thing going on. Though it didn't take long before the flavor of oil came through and all you could taste were the friers. This was very "disappointwing."  Had the negative parts of the reputation held up? Not ready to throw in the towel and certainly not ready to leave the “family friendly environment,” we wanted a redemption by way of salty, buttery, spicy and sweet flavors from the next batches of wings.  

The Garlic Parmesan Wings had a nice aroma and they looked real good. Keeping the expectations low, we bit into them.

The taste was a little confusing. It had a richness to it that was very enjoyable and certainly destroyed the naked Buff Wings, however,  it wasn't like you could pick out any garlic or parmesan notes specifically, it was just flavorful and punchy, which was a very good thing. Score!

Picking up the Chipotle Honey Wing there was a nice sticky strand of honey that added a literal feel to the experience.

Right off the bat,  you get the sweetness with a slight burn on the back end. We broke a sweat from eating them. If you want hot wings,  go with the Chipotle Honey, they pack more heat than the Buffalo. With these two flavor choices, Hooters was back on the WingMap! They were good, friends…oh yes… and they certainly did not suck. Actually... they rocked!

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BWLI Takes A New Look At HOOTERS

BestWings L.I. December 31, 2012

They had a crisp……not a crunch….a crisp. Not too dry, not too juicy…somewhere in the middle.

Nice size… the breading gives you that bigger feel.  You'll get a handful at Hooters. (no, we can't resist the bad jokes)

So the naked buffalo didn't rock the van but we could sense that if we kept them regular next time we would have enjoyed them much more.

Garlic Parm and Chipotle Honey were the clear winners, pleasing the palate with a nice array of flavor and feel.

While some folks look to trash them, the truth is you could pick out a Hooters Wing from many other wing joints. Having that trademark  and recognizable quality is very important and impressive in a world where almost every restaurant serves some form of wings.  Even though they might not be the absolute best, Hooters is gonna give a non bias wing lover a really good night of munching down, in a "family friendly setting."  Here's to many more years of Hooters and putting the focus back on the wings instead of the….well…..Hooters. Cheers WingFans!

10 out of 13 ’s
Texture (Crispy? Juicy??)
Size (How does it measure up?) 
Overall Taste (Tasty? Good sauce??) 


Location Closed

1740 Hempstead Tnpk

East Meadow, NY 11554

  1. (516)357-9098

Flavors: 15

Wing Night Specials: Not Available

Boneless: Available

Alcohol: Available

Delivery: Not Available

Hours: Not Available

Ages: All Ages

Price: $$

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